Workshop on
Nonlinear DNA Dynamics 
Cagliari, 3-5 June 2009 

A workshop devoted to Nonlinear DNA Dynamics will take place in Cagliari on 3-5 June 2009.

We hope this will be an occasion to discuss recent advances in the field, and even more speculate on future ones. We trust the meeting will gather people working in this and cognate field, including fields rather distinct from the point of view of Physics but which share similar mathematical problems. Their will be talks, but we hope this will mainly be a working meeting and will keep an informal atmosphere, helped in this by the city atmosphere in Cagliari

The workshop will take place in the building hosting the “Dipartimento di Matematica ed Informatica” of Università di Cagliari, conveniently located at walking distance from the city center.

The workshop is organized by:

Mariano Cadoni (Physics and INFN – Cagliari)
Giuseppe Gaeta (Mathematics – Milano)
Todor Gramchev (Mathematics – Cagliari)

A related mini-workshop on Compactons in Nonlinear Chains will be held in the same location on 1 June.


Practical Informations

Confirmed participants
Related meetings Talks


Practical Informations:

Dates: The workshop will start in the morning of June 3 and end with a social dinner in the evening of June 5. We suggest you arrive in Cagliari by June 2 and arrange to leave not earlier than June 6.

Location: Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, Università di Cagliari, via Ospedale, Cagliari .

Registration: In order to register, please send en e-mail to any (or all) of the organizers.

Fees: There is no registration or conference fee.

Proceedings:There will be no proceedings.

Talks: Participants are welcome to give a talk. In case you wish to give a talk, it would be helpful if you could warn us, and give a title, in advance in order to make a program. The conference room will be equipped with standard facilities (OHP, beamer, and a big blackboard); if your talk is on the computer in some proprietary format, please have a PDF copy just in case.

Informal discussions: The meeting will take place in the Department of Mathematics, so there will be space (and blackboards) for informal discussions. We actually expect these will also take place outside the building, in the many coffee places around the city center or on the Poetto beach.

Accommodation: Participants are free to make their own lodging arrangements; a limited number of rooms has been reserved at Hotel Italia, via Sardegna, in the city center. This is about 500m from the Dept. of Mathematics. Please contact local organizers (Cadoni or Gramchev) about these rooms or other lodging possibilities. We recommend you arrange your accommodation early enough; if you take care of this by yourself you might wish to get informations through the Cagliari tourist office,  .

How to get there: Cagliari has an international airport (Cagliari Elmas) served by many airlines.
The terminal of airport buses (central bus station) is about 100m from the Hotels we will use for the conference.
If you arrive from central or southern Italy you might also wish to use one of the ferries linking Cagliari to Italy; if you are already in Sardinia, e.g. if you take part in the NEEDS2009 conference held in Northern Sardinia in late May, you will probably like to travel by bus.

Previous meetings: Two previous meetings on the same subject, in the framework of a PRIN project led by G. Saccomandi, were held in Lecce 2005 and in Cagliari 2006.

Contacts: For any matter related to the workshop, you can contact the organizers (please use subject: DNA meeting) at the following addresses:

mariano.cadoni <AT>
todor <AT>
giuseppe.gaeta <AT>

See you in Cagliari !

Confirmed participants & speakers:

Mariano Cadoni (Physics - Cagliari)
Roberto De Leo (Mathematics - Cagliari)
Sergio Demelio (Physics - Cagliari)
Giuseppe Gaeta (Mathematics - Milano)
Todor Gramchev (Mathematics - Cagliari)
Marc Joyeux (Physics - Grenoble)
Fabio Musso (Physics - Burgos)
Sebastian Walcher (Mathematics - Aachen)

Announced talks:
Mariano Cadoni A mechanism to fix the speed of relativistic solitons
Roberto De Leo Propagation of  twist solitons in real inhomogeneous DNA , Part II
Sergio Demelio Propagation of  twist solitons in real inhomogeneous DNA , Part I
Giuseppe Gaeta A minimal soliton-carrying model for coupled DNA/RNAP nonlinear dynamics 
Todor Gramchev Regularity properties and  symmetries for solitary waves associated to non-smooth potentials 
Marc Joyeux Modeling DNA-protein interaction and facilitated diffusion 
Fabio Musso A Markov Chain version of the Eigen model 
Sebastian Walcher  TBA

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