Workshop on

Geometry and Symmetry of Differential Equations

Santa Marinella (near Rome), 6-12 July 2006

With financial support by
Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Milano

A workshop to discuss recent advances and current research in the field of
Geometry and Symmetry of Differential Equations will be held in
Santa Marinella (near Rome) on 6-12 July 2006.

Participation is by invitation only.

Invited Speakers:

C. Chanu (Torino) G. Cicogna* (Pisa)
M.E. Fels (Logan) G. Gaeta (Milano)
F. Magri (Milano) P. Morando* (Torino)
M.C. Muriel (Cadiz) P.J. Olver (Minneapolis)
O. Ragnisco* (Roma) J. Sanders (Amsterdam)
R. Vitolo (Lecce) S. Walcher (Aachen)

* = to be confirmed

(updated on May 29)


(All titles are tentative, changes possible at any time)
Claudia Chanu A geometric picture for non-regular separation of variables in a PDE
Giampaolo Cicogna Lambda symmetries and reduction
Mark E. Fels Exterior differential systems with symmetry
Giuseppe Gaeta Lambda and mu symmetries
Sara Lombardo No communication presented
Franco Magri The history of recursion operators from Lagrange to the Inverse Scattering Technique
M. Concepcion Muriel Lambda symmetries and hidden symmetries
Peter J. Olver Moving frames and symmetries of differential equations
Matteo Petrera Gaudin models Sorry, no photo !


Giuseppe Pucacco No communication presented
Orlando Ragnisco No communication presented Sorry, no photo !


Jan Sanders Transvectants
Raffaele Vitolo On the calculus of variations on finite order jets of submanifolds
Sebastian Walcher Darboux integrability
Chiara No communication presented

(updated on July 27)

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Practical informations

Organized by:
Giuseppe Gaeta, Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Milano;