UNIF 2016

The 30th International Workshop on Unification


Session UNIF2016 Invited Talk --- chair:Manfred Schmidt-Schauss

  • 9:00 Ralf Sasse Automated Symbolic Proofs of Security Protocols

Coffee break 10:00-10:30

Session UNIF2016 Unification Algorithms --- chair:NN

  • 10:30 Franz Baader and Pierre Ludmann The Unification Type of ACUI w.r.t. the Unrestricted Instantiation Preorder is not Finitary
  • 11:00 Franz Baader, Pavlos Marantidis and Alexander Okhotin Approximately Solving Set Equations
  • 11:30 Michal Stronkowski Universal freeness and admissibility
  • 12:00 Iliano Cervesato and Edmund Soon Lee Lam Overlap and Independence in Multiset Comprehension Patterns
  • 12:25 Edmund Soon Lee Lam and Iliano Cervesato Let's Unify With Scala Pattern Matching!

Lunch 12:50-14:00

Session UNIF2016 Unification and algebra --- chair:Silvio Ghilardi

  • 14:00 Wojciech Dzik and Piotr Wojtylak Unification in predicate logic
  • 15:00 Daniel S. Hono, Paliath Narendran and Rafael Veras Lynch-Morawska Systems on Strings
  • 15:30 Daniel S. Hono, Namrata Galatage, Kimberly A. Gero, Paliath Narendran and Ananya Subburathinam Notes on Lynch-Morawska Systems

Coffee break 16:00-16:30

Session UNIF2016 Applications --- chair:NN

  • 16:30 Martin Pluemicke Type unification for structural types in Java