Author: REISCH, Gregorius.
Title; Margarita philosophica totius philosophiae rationalisjnaturalis &
moralis principia dialogice duodecim libris complectens.
Publication: [Freiburg im Breisgau: J. Schott, before July, 1503].
The Margarita Philosophica first came out in 1503.
Roughly translated, the title Margarita Philosophica
means 'pearl of knowledge'. The Margarita
Philosophica was the most important and longest
encyclopaedia of knowledge in the Middle Ages and
early Renaissance. It contained ali the knowledge
that students were supposed to learn about and was
used as the main textbook in universities.
The author of the Margarita Philosophica was
someone called Gregorius Reisch. Gregorius Reisch
was a monk and taught in the University of Freiburg
that is.jn the south of Germany. Freiburg University
was opened on the 26th Aprii, 1460. When it was
opened it only had seven teachers for 214 students.
It also only had four different departments: a
theology department (for studying religion), a law
department, a medicai department and an arts
First edition of the first printed encyclopedia, extremely rare with the
originai map and in the originai binding. This important book of the
German Renaissance was considered the tree of ali knowledge. It treats
mathematics, cosmography, music, natural history, minerals, astronomy
and medicine. The illustrations, which are of great scientific and historical
interest, are some of the earliest known of the various subjects. The world
map is important to the history of cartography being of the old ptolemaic
kind but has the degrees of longitude and latitude market, possibly a
reference to the American continent.